National Emblems of Various Countries

  Countries Symbol / Emblem Picture Australia Kangaroo   Barbados Head of Trident   Canada White Lily   Denmark Beach   France Lily   Guyana Canje Pheasant   India Lioned Capital   Ireland Shamrock   Italy White Lily   Japan Chrysanthemum   Luxembourg Lion with Crown   Norway Lion   Papua New guinea Bird of paradise   Senegal Bhobab Tree   Sri Lanka Lion   Syria Eagle   U.K. Rose   Bangladesh Water Lily   Belgium Lion   Chile Candor and Huemul   Dominica Sisserou Parrot   Germany Corn Flower   Hong kong Bauhinia   Iran Rose   Isarel Candelabrum … Continue reading National Emblems of Various Countries

Knowledge Diary – 29th Aug 2013, Thursday

UN Security Council failed to reach an Agreement against Syria Attack Five permanent members of US Security Council on 28th August failed to reach an agreement on a resolution which could authorize the use of Military Force against Syria Attack. Britain put forward a resolution at UN Security Council looking for some authorization measures which are necessary to protect civilians in Syria. USA charged the Assad Government of using chemical weapons in outskirts of Damascus. Although, Russia reiterated its objections to international intervention in the Syrian crises. In this dread attack UN charter allows action with respect to threats to … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 29th Aug 2013, Thursday

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Knowledge Diary – 23rd August 2013, Friday

Anjana Thamake won a  gold in 800m in the Asian Youth Games at the Nanjing Stadium Ahmet C. Bozer is Coca-Cola’s International President Robert Mugabe was sworn in as Zimbabwe’s President Full Form of PMAGY is Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 23rd August 2013, Friday

Knowledge Diary – 22nd August 2013, Thursday

Indian Govt. modifies RTI application procedure The government has introduced an electronic postal order for Non Resident Indians (NRI)to seek information under the RTI (Right to Information) Act, 2005. GSM user base hiked by 1.49 millions According to the sources of Cellular Operators Association of India, GSM users grew marginally to 672.6 million and about 1.49 million users were added in this month. Bing goes Ad-free Microsoft opened a new front against the world’s No. 1 search provider Google by piloting an ad-free offering called Bing for Schools for educational users of Bing so that students will no longer to see ads while … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 22nd August 2013, Thursday

World Event Diary – 21st August 2013

German technology burgeons a new app ‘FindMyStuff’ to find lost things At the Ulm university of Germany, scientists have developed a new technology which facilitates tracing the lost items such as keys and wallets in just a few seconds. This new technology includes special kind of search engine on computer or smartphone through which it traces the lost items. German scientist Florian Schaub is the creator of this application which is termed as FindMyStuff.  This new app allows you to find the things by just typing the name of the things in the same manner as Google performs. This app … Continue reading World Event Diary – 21st August 2013

Knowledge Diary – 21st August 2013, Wednesday

Yahoo halts Email services in China: Yahoo’s email service in China has been shut down due to the worlds biggest internet market is seen as part of the company’s efforts to support its Chinese partner and online shopping giant, Alibaba US Dollar skids against the euro, yen and rupee penny: The dollar has slipped against the euro and yen while India’s rupee rebounded from a record low as traders anticipate the release of minutes from the US Federal Reserve’s July meeting. Congress to go social: A cell was created beneath the MP Deepender Hooda to broaden the Congress coverage on social media like Facebook and Twitter so … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 21st August 2013, Wednesday

Knowledge Diary – 13th August 2013, Tuesday

Mercedes catches the top spot in Indian car market: Before 3 years Mercedes was the top most luxury car in India, but it lost this tag in last 3 years as it lagged behind the rivals Audi and BMW. And now once again Mercedes has gained the top spot in the country.  LoC flare up spreading menace among residents in J&K– Still there is no peace in Jammu and Kashmir as Raja Zaffar expected another bumper walnut crop before exchange of fire along the Line of Control (LoC) Onion prices cross the limits, selling at up to 80 per kg- Due … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 13th August 2013, Tuesday

Knowledge Diary – 12th August 2013, Monday

India’s first indigenous aircraft INS Vikrant launch today: India will launch its first indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. This aircraft creates an entry into a select club of countries capable of designing and building a carrier of this size and capability.   HP Govt. serious about checking mining issue: Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh is serious about the mining issues as Congress Govt. had failed to check illegal mining activity in Himachal Pradesh. Apple to release next iPhone in next month: As per the Technology blog, one of the world’s largest technology company Apple is expected to release its redesigned iPhone in September. … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 12th August 2013, Monday

Largest, Biggest, Highest in the world

Largest Airport – King Abdul Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Largest Delta – Sundarbans, India Largest Coral Formation – The Great Barrier Reef, Australia Highest Country – Tibet (The Pamirs) Highest City – Wen Chuan (Tibet, China) Biggest Bell – Great Bell at Moscow Longest Wall – The Great Wall of China Most Intelligent Animal – Chimpanzee Wingless Bird – Kiwi Largest Mammal – Blue Whale Longest Epic – The Mahabharata Longest Day – June 21, in Northern Hemisphere Highest Lake – Titicaca, Bolivia Largest Dam (Concrete) – Grand Coulee Dam, USA Highest Asian Desert – Gobi, Mongolia Highest … Continue reading Largest, Biggest, Highest in the world

Official books of different countries

White Paper – An official paper of the Government of India and Britain on a specific issue Yellow Book – It is the french official book White Book – Official publications of Germany, Portugal and China Orange Book – Official publications of the Government of Netherlands Blue Book – An official report of the British Government Grey Book – Official reports of the governments of Belgium and Japan Green Book – Official publications of Iran and Italy Continue reading Official books of different countries

Knowledge Diary – 10th August 2013, Saturday

P V Sindhu becomes the first indian women singles player to win a medal at the World Badminton Championship on August 9 LIC Housing launches Public Deposit Scheme called “SANCHAY“ IPAB stands for Intellectual Property Appellate Board MERS is a virus related to Camel, according to the study published in Lancet Infectious Disease The currency of Norway is “KRONE” An Indian origin doctor Bhawana Patel has taken over as the first woman CEO of the hospital which carried out the world’s first heart transplant. It is the globally renowned Groote Schuur Hospital. Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award in … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 10th August 2013, Saturday

Knowledge Diary – 9th August 2013, Friday

India lost 220 languages out of 1,100 languages: According to the survey of Vadodara-based Bhasha Research and Publication Centre, India has lost about 20 percent of its languages in the last 50 years. Tamil Nadu to get 100mW of electricity from Kudankulam: Union Power minister Jyotiraditya Scindia states that Tamil Nadu will get an additional 100MW of electricity from unit 1 of the Kudankulam power plant. First indigenous aircraft carrier ‘INS Vikrant’ will soon launch in India- A historic step, the launch of Air Defence Ship, the largest military ship and first aircraft carrier to be built in Kochi in India. Tourists from 11 … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 9th August 2013, Friday