Supreme court says - dowry laws being misused, stop automatic arrests

Supreme Court says anti-dowry laws being misused by wives – sparking controversy

“Dowry laws are misused now: stop automatic arrests” a recent statement by the apex court of the country has sparked bitter controversy all over India. Are really dowry laws being misused or whether they are actually implemented or not is … Continue reading Supreme Court says anti-dowry laws being misused by wives – sparking controversy


Powerful Robots will better our Future With the enhancements and advancements in the technology field, Robots are doing amazing things which looks beneficial to humanity. Intelligent machine which perform task according to the human commands called Robots that plays the beautiful role in our life from entertainment to responsible job. You are surprised with the extra-ordinary activities of futuristic Robots in next generation, which we rounded up in this article. We have include 3D printed spider robots, Robot guide Dog and flying cybrog bugs in our next generation robots list-     3D printed Robot Spider A big team of … Continue reading FUTURE ROBOTIC MODELS

Recent attacks on Indian soldiers

Attacks are now a continuous phenomenon, on the Indian soldiers by the terrorists belonging to Pakistan. They are leaving no stone unturned to affect India, and the peace talks and thus the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A recent LOC attack was encountered in which five Indian soldiers were killed by the Pak troops. This attack is a result of the gross violation of a 2003 ceasefire in Kashmir between India and Pakistan. ‘Gross violation’ of ceasefire – Indian soldiers killed by Pakistani troops in Kashmir Indian Army has stated that five of its soldiers were killed in open fire … Continue reading Recent attacks on Indian soldiers

The controversial 29th state of India, now set to become the reality

Did we really need Telangana? After being a big issue to separate Andhra Pradesh state with Telangana, it has now approved by the UPA Government. Telangana is a new proposed state to be separated out from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad would serve as the joint capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for ten years as per the proposal. It was Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu who did a lot in order to bring Hyderabad at the top in the map. Various IT industry and the Pharma biggies, national institutes such as IICT, CCMB, NalsarPro etc all were not widely popular before Naidu’s … Continue reading The controversial 29th state of India, now set to become the reality

Rise in rape cases in India, causes and remedies

Rise in rape cases in India As per the reports, rape tragedies have increased rapidly and it has risen up to 873 percent now, since 1953. According to the statistics, about two women have been raped in the country within single hour duration, every hour. The reports further provide information that in every 10 hours a girl of age between 1 to 10 years is being raped in India. Instead of any reduction in this national crime, the rape rate is increasing day by day, it appears that the rapists are not scared from any laws and rules. Everyone is … Continue reading Rise in rape cases in India, causes and remedies

MID DAY MEAL SCHEME – The Harsh Reality

The Mid Day Meal is the world’s major school feeding scheme catering to about 12 crore children in over 12.65 lakh schools/ EGS centres across the country. The scheme was started in 1925 for deprived children in Madras Municipal Corporation. Through the mid 1980s three States viz. Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the UT of Pondicherry had universalized a cooked Mid Day Meal scheme with their own funds for children studying at the primary stage. By 1990-91 the number of states implementing the mid day meal scheme with their own resources had increased to twelve states. The main goals … Continue reading MID DAY MEAL SCHEME – The Harsh Reality