National Emblems of Various Countries

  Countries Symbol / Emblem Picture Australia Kangaroo   Barbados Head of Trident   Canada White Lily   Denmark Beach   France Lily   Guyana Canje Pheasant   India Lioned Capital   Ireland Shamrock   Italy White Lily   Japan Chrysanthemum   Luxembourg Lion with Crown   Norway Lion   Papua New guinea Bird of paradise   Senegal Bhobab Tree   Sri Lanka Lion   Syria Eagle   U.K. Rose   Bangladesh Water Lily   Belgium Lion   Chile Candor and Huemul   Dominica Sisserou Parrot   Germany Corn Flower   Hong kong Bauhinia   Iran Rose   Isarel Candelabrum … Continue reading National Emblems of Various Countries


7th pay commission

As of today the 7th pay commission has been given a lot of hype. Some believe it might revolutionize the country’s economy and provide the much needed income hike for the government employees. But not neglecting the fact that it … Continue reading 7th pay commission



A half girlfriend? Strange title isn’t it? Chetan Bhagat always gets away with catching attention of readers. Half girlfriend is 7th novel by Chetan bhagat released in 2014 after the success of five point someone, 3 mistakes of my life, … Continue reading HALF GIRLFRIEND