Snoopgate new tapes nail BJP gujarat government

BJP snoopgate case – emerging revelations putting BJP on the backfoot

The latest emerging revelations in the snoopgate case are tarnishing Narendra Modi’s image very much as the replies of the BJP to the allegations has been weak too. Although, the BJP has dismissed the charges terming it as “dirty politics” by the Congress and its allies.

What exactly is snoopgate case?

Just a month before, 267 audio recordings were submitted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by two investigative wesites – and

What is there in the recordings? The audios contain conversations between the BJP general secretary and close aide of Modi, in which he is directing illegal surveillance of a young woman in August – September 2009. To protect the identity of the woman, the journalists christened the name “Madhuri” for the woman in the case.

Shah is alleged to have ordered intrusive surveillance of the woman at the behest of “saheb”, who is someone supposed to be meant by commentators as Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Snoopgate new tapes nail BJP gujarat government

Did illegal and unlawful surveillance actually take place?

Yes, the surveillance had taken place, and the BJP acknowledges the same, that Modi had used the government resources to monitor “the girl”. BJP had given a reason that it was requested by her father as a matter of security so it cannot be termed as a violation of her rights.
As, it is neither legally nor morally defined as a right for a parent to organize intrusive surveillance of their adult child. Also, there have been no written records for the entire surveillance, as told by the then Ahmedabad’s police commissioner S K Saikia. As such, if there is no record, and the regulations were not fully followed then its an illegal invasion of the privacy of the girl, irrespective of whether the girl’s father knew about it or not.
What”s adding more to the mystery?
Modi and Shah have chosen to remain silent and this has added fuel to the fire.Till date there have been no comments from Modi or the Gujarat government officially.
What happened when?
2004: Madhuri was hired as an architect for earthquake reconstruction work for a “beautification project” to develop a Hill Garden in Bhuj district, where she was working closely with Kutch collector Pradeep Sharma.
2006: Modi was told by Shah that Pradeep Sharma is collaborating with his brother Kuldeep Sharma in anti-Modi activities
2007: Pranlal Sharma, Madhuri’s father sought Modi’s help to protect his daughter
2009: Shah ordered cops to track Madhuri’s all movements. Singhal recorded all conversations since then.
2013: Singhal gave the recorded tapes to the CBI
Release of tapes by two websites — and The congress demanded exclusive probe into the case by Supreme Court judge.

November 2013:  Two-member commission of inquiry was set up by the Gujarat government on the snooping row and was asked to submit the report within three months.



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