‘Berry’ much Revolutionary Technology – Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi
raspberry pi

Revolutionizing the INTERNET of things – Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is emerging as a revolution in hands-on learning and lunchroom innovation and equipped with amazing tiny size available at cheap prices. With Raspberry Pi, you can do some interesting and inventive things such as gadgets which can water plants, create robotics applications, monitor pollution and perk up food production and more things. Not the professionals but even students, hobbyist, scientist and inventors are also grabbing the Pi for the creative work. Pi is quite easy to carry and you can develop some open-source innovations like-

Turn Raspberry Pi into a powerful computer for robotics– RIO (Raspberry IO) is robot navigation computer based on the Raspberry Pi with the target project to build an intelligent I/O card that stacks over the $35 Raspberry Pi Linux single board computer. Roboteq, industrial partner of this project, said that it would manufacture, market and sell the RIO card across the world. RIO based computer opens a world of applications in sea, land and airborne unnamed robotic vehicle.

Water the plants with H2O IQ process– Some students at Citris Inventory Lab in Berkley invent the H2O IQ, which could automatically water the plants in a garden. The aim of this innovation is to create a device which could understand the moisture requirements of species and to provide sufficient water so that the plants remain healthy and we conserve water simultaneously. You can create this open source device with the help of https://github.com/valkyriesavage/fluffy-toboggans this link and this 3D printed device is placed in to the soil right next to the plant. Device has a moisture sensor built up with two galvanized nails submerged in plaster. A solar panel is used to charge battery of device and XBee radio on board which communicates moisture reading to Raspberry Pi. In this manner the device waters the plants.

The Raspberry Pi is really a wonderful device as we can develop and invent new idea in to the real time applications.



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