Barkha Dutt

A prominent Indian Television journalist and a consulting editor with NDTV, Barkha Dutt is one of the most famous english news names since very long. She has the honour of receiving many awards, both national and international. The most influential of them being the Padma Shri and India’s Fourth Civilian award. Though an active journalist and a high end performer her allegiances have always been questioned and have been suspected to be anti-BJP and sometimes anti nationalist.


Well this time again she has lashed out heavily at Arnab Goswami, another famous primetime reporter from Times Now, where she expresses to be ashamed of being in the same journalist community as him . She asks why he supports BJP even though the national party has not filled its promises because of which it was able to form a government in Jammu and Kashmir with an alliance of PDP. She snaps at her counterpart for being a Chamcha of the government. She blames Arnab for misrepresenting sections of media as anti nationalists. She resorts on him for mentioning her indirectly or directly so many times on his show and creating her false image among the people. In the end she also wishes that Mr. Goswami should always loath her reports and stories as he himself can not do anything better. She used facebook and twitter to shower her hatred for the already controversial journalist Arnab Goswami.


All of this happened because Arnab snapped on other news channels and reporters for being Pro-Pakistani and sympathizers of terrorists. But Barkha Dutt’s views were strongly retaliated by many in the comments box on facebook and were replied harshly on twitter.

All the comments against her were based on issues like her negative work in Kargil War, revealing country’s strategies and plannings indirectly to the enemy team, endorsements to Hafiz Saeed and being pro-congress and anti-BJP.

Dutt has been accused a lot many times, that she had lost ethics of journalism and humanity. Like when showcasing Radia tapes controversy she went out of limits. With her never understanding the sacrifices of brave soldiers in Kashmir and not acknowledging the problems faced by Kashmiri Pandits, she has so many times depicted biased judgement due to her negative beliefs.

She has been intensely criticized for her coverage of depicting the Hizbul Mujahideen leader, Burhan Wani as son of a simple school teacher and not among the terror creating hubs in Kashmir. Why is it that most of her stories, coverage and speeches are against the masses and aligned to a particular direction, which has been only helpful in dividing the country ? Her revealing of strategies of the Indian Army at times of war and 26/11 attacks clearly depicts how far she can go to gain TRPs for her channel and her show. She might choose allegiance against the country if that makes her popular immensely around the globe.

With only negligible support and a lot of smashing from all the viewers, Dutt might have understood where the country stands and how the country responses when people like her, try to cross lines and go against the collective betterment of the nation.



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