What is Surface Tension?

Surface tension is the property of any liquid that causes it to resist the external force. Surface Tension is responsible for many properties of liquid. Cause of surface tension: It is caused by the cohesive force amongst the same molecules of liquid. In bulk, liquid molecules are surrounded by other molecules and are equally attracted in all directions, but the molecules on the surface are not stable as they are not equally attracted by other molecules and they are drawn inwards. As a result liquid tends to contract and acquire minimum surface area to equilibrate. Example from day today life: … Continue reading What is Surface Tension?

Knowledge Diary – 6th September 2012, Thursday

  Google will be providing voice–guided  directions, with google maps navigation. ENCODE project is ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements. Full Form of PACG is Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma. Full form of GWAS is Genome-wide association study. Full Form of SPTF is Special Purpose Tea Fund. World Bank named Kaushik Basu as the institution’s new chief economist and senior Vice-President. Nokia launched Lumia 920. Siddhanth Thingalaya Indian Athlete  marked an Indian Record on 18 June 2012 at Belgium Athletics National Championship in Brussels.  A close supporter of US President Barack Obama,  Smita Shah  became the first person from Indian-American origin to serve … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 6th September 2012, Thursday

First men and women in the world

First men to climb Mt Everest was Sherpa Tenzing and Sir Edmund Hillary (29th May,1953). First man to reach North Pole was Robert Peary. First man to reach South Pole was Ronald Amundsen. First religion of the world was Sanatan Dharma. First country to print books was China. First country to issue paper currency was China. First country to start Civil Services Competition was China. First President of United States of America was George Washington. First Prime Minister of Great Britain was Robert Walpole. First Secretary General of United Nations Trigve Li. Continue reading First men and women in the world

Officers of British India

First governor of Bengal was Lord Clive (1757-60) Last governor of Bengal was Warren Hastings (1772-74) First Governor General of Bengal was Warren Hastings (1774-85). First Governor General of India was Lord William Bentic (1833-85). Last Governor General and Viceroy of India was Lord Canning (1856-62). First President of Indian National congress was W.C.  Banerjee. First Indian Governor General of independent India was C.Rajgopalachari (21/06/1948-25/1/1950) First Indian to pass ICS was Surendra Nath Banerjee. First Indian I.C.S. Officer was Satyendra Nath Tagore. First governor General of India after Independence was Lord Louis Mountbatten (15/08/1947-20/06/1948) Continue reading Officers of British India

What is an anticline?

  An anticline is the arch or crest of a fold in the rocks. It is opposite of a syncline, which is the bottom of a fold. Its shape is concave downwards. And technically, it is a fold with younger rocks on the outside. Why are anticlines important? These are the preferred spots of petroleum prospectors, as in deep anticlines, the rock beds trap the rising hydrocarbon fluids. As a result, then oil and gas are build up in the pore spaces of the anticline. The largest of oilfields usually occur in large and gentle anticlines in thick sedimentary rocks. … Continue reading What is an anticline?