National Emblems of Various Countries

  Countries Symbol / Emblem Picture Australia Kangaroo   Barbados Head of Trident   Canada White Lily   Denmark Beach   France Lily   Guyana Canje Pheasant   India Lioned Capital   Ireland Shamrock   Italy White Lily   Japan Chrysanthemum   Luxembourg Lion with Crown   Norway Lion   Papua New guinea Bird of paradise   Senegal Bhobab Tree   Sri Lanka Lion   Syria Eagle   U.K. Rose   Bangladesh Water Lily   Belgium Lion   Chile Candor and Huemul   Dominica Sisserou Parrot   Germany Corn Flower   Hong kong Bauhinia   Iran Rose   Isarel Candelabrum … Continue reading National Emblems of Various Countries

WGC estimates for Gold

The World Gold Council estimates have put the quantum of gold held by Indian households at around 20,000 tonnes. India, no doubt has a long history with gold, and thus it is no surprise that Indians hold the largest stock of gold in the world. As per the Industry Survey 2012 by The Hindu, about 15 million weddings per annum will take place in India over the next decade. Owing to the fact that 50% population here is under 25 and gold being an integral part of marriage ceremonies, an approximate 500 tonnes of new gold per annum will be … Continue reading WGC estimates for Gold

First Indians to achieve great feet

First Indian cosmonaut to go into space was Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma. First temporary President of the Constitution Assembly was Dr. Sachchide Nand Sinha. First Commander-in-Chief of Free India was General K.M. Carippa. First Indian nobel Laureate was Rabindra Nath Tagore. First Indian judge of International Court of Justice was Dr. Nagendra Singh. First Indian to get Bharat Ratna Award was Dr.S Radhakrishnan. First field marshal was General S.F.J. Manekshaw. The President of Constitution Assembly was Dr. Rajendra Prasad. First Inidan to swim across the English Channel was Mihir Sen. First Indian to get Jnanpeeth Award was G. Shankar Kurup. Continue reading First Indians to achieve great feet

Knowledge Diary – 12th September 2012, Wednesday

  Delhi government has imposed a ban on plastic bags: on manufacture, sale, storage and use of plastic bags in the city. Palesntine National Authority President: Mahmoud Abbas. Auroville Festival will be held in Dellhi on 14th of September 2102. This festival acts as a medium to bring together all renowned artists on single platform. Indian Oil Corporation Chairman is R.S. Butola. Full Form of NBS is National Bureau of Statistics. Full Form of NLEM is National list of Essential Medicines. Full Form of ECB is External Commercial Borrowing. Full Form of DGFT is Director General of foreign Trade. The … Continue reading Knowledge Diary – 12th September 2012, Wednesday

Inventions and their inventors

Inventions / Discoveries Inventors / Discoverers Vitamin F.G. Hopkins Vitamin-A Mc. Collum Vitamin-B Mc. Collum Vitamin-C Holst vitamin -D Mc. Collum Sulpha drugs Dagmanck (Dogmanck) Streptomycin Selman Waksmann Heart Transplantation Christian Bernard Homoepathy Hahnemann Malaria parasite and its treatment Ronald Ross Diarrhoea and treatment of Plague Kitajato Sex Hormones Stenach Open Heart Surgery Waltallilehak Contraceptive Pills Pincus First test tube baby Edwards and Stepo Electrocardiograph Iwanyaan Antigen Karl Landsteiner RNA James Watson and Arther Arg DNA James Watson and Crick Insulin Banting Chloroform Harrison and Sympson Vaccine of chicken Pox Edward Jenner T.B. bacteria Robert Koch Diabetes Banting Penicillin Alexander … Continue reading Inventions and their inventors

What is meant by bull market?

The word “bull market” is used when there is a positive trend in the market and investors are expecting that the market will rise in near future. In other words bull market is nothing but investors expectations and usually this terminology is used in stock market but also used where trade is involved. What is bear market? On the other side bear market is nothing but opposite of bull market when the investors are expecting the markets to fall from their current level, it is said to be that the market is bearish. Bull and Bear Market are nothing but … Continue reading What is meant by bull market?

What does copyright mean?

COPYRIGHT precisely means that the material and information are the personal property of the owner or producer. It is a legal concept meant basically to give the ‘right to copy’ only to its rightful owner and no other persons, without proper permission or license. For complete information on copyrights, download the US government’s document here: [wpdm_file id=3]     Continue reading What does copyright mean?