Friendship Day

5 things you would love to do with your best friend

Well, here is the list of 10 crazy things that you would always love to do if you are with your best friend. You will completely understand the feelings behind!!!

  1. You would definitely go for an outing  – be it shopping, be it roaming around crazily on your bikes, you will never leave a chance to just do that! friends
  2. “Jab mil baithenge yar…. ” with your all time favorite beer, you would go to any limit just arranging such a party with your best friend. Revellers salute with beer during Oktoberfest in Munich
  3. And of course… you will never leave a chance to joke upon him or her! And you will totally forget where you are, as long as you are able to pull the legteasing-your-friend
  4. Going for a night out as frequent as every night!night-out-with-friends
  5. “Bhai, tu itna nahi kar sakta mere liye… ?” 😀 And here starts your emotional blackmail which takes you to another fun ride.convince-your-friend