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2014 Elections – The Alternate Reality

Let me come to the ground reality of the hottest topic in the country. Yes you got it right!!! Its nothing but ELECTIONS, everyone is eyeing on the upcoming 2014 general elections. Every citizen has numerous questions in mind, like who is going to win, who will hold our destiny in his hands. Unlike any match where one has to win and the other has to lose, election is the typical match of its own kind where if one party is running short of few votes to win this they just get support from the losing party so that it becomes a win-win situation for both, in hindi there is a saying MIL BAAT KE KHATE HAI!! that is all how it proceeds always!

2014 General Elections - Can we change anything?
2014 General Elections – Can we change anything?

But amidst all this, I would like to take your attention to the large no. of youths who are working or studying outside there home city. This is the section which is not registered for voting in the city they are working in and its an obvious scenario that they cannot commute to their hometown just for voting. Yes, this is one of the major reasons that a large number of population is unable to vote in their respective regions, as most of the youth are living in cities other than their domicile state. Despite the provisions in Election Commission of India to fill form6, form 7, form 8, form 8A, but all these are not of much use as to change the assembly area is a tiring process and no one actually does it until or unless that person is permanently shifted to that place. So let’s give it a little thought, how can we make our voting system effective? and secondly how we can actually make our government work? and produce results and push growth in the country.

                First and the foremost thing which government should work on is to keep an option for online voting at the time of elections so that all the people who belong to there assembly area have the equal and fair chance to vote. This will assure that his/her vote is not wasted because even a single vote can make a difference. I think this can change the overall perspective of the game as the people who will be voting online will be much more educated and there voting spirit and there votes will add much more sense as today’s youth just don’t believe in manifestos but they analyse keenly and there will be a sizable difference in the voting results.

             Now, let me throw some light on the after voting process and I think there is tremendous scope of change in this as well. As, generally what happens after elections government is formed and ministers of various sectors are announced and again no one performs their duty and we the people keep on blaming government of not doing anything and then we wait for next elections. This has been going on since time immemorial!! Yes, that’s very true, this repeats every time and we never see any constructive change.

But what I am saying when each and every minister or a prime minister candidate keeps promising on certain things then lets put them on paper and let our government work like a private organization where in each and every ministry as well as every minister is bound to show their quarterly results and their next three months agenda on the board. Let’s make shorter goals and try to accomplish, I know it sounds little unrealistic but believe it or not, it will help in tracking the governments’ performance. And if the government is not performing well or a particular minister is not doing any good, we can change the same and elect some capable person who can do his or her job. I am not saying that  the government should step down or that particular party should step down but we can just try putting a funnel or a refining process where in those who are performing will cross the funnel and those who are not will be in trouble.

We should have a quarterly report card which is being generated for each and every ministry and minister. So, before appointing a minister we should have proper bio-data of that minister in place so that a proper ministry should be given to that person based on his previous performance and experience because it has evidently been seen that the ministers who are handling a particular industry actually don’t know anything about that field. How many criminal cases are there against that minister? and there are so many parameters which should be and can be included to asses the performance.

Even though it sounds like an “out of the world idea”, but if we all think alike and try putting it to action, we can actually make our government much more effective and then India will actually grow.



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