Moscow City

World Event Diary – 2nd July, 2012, Monday

Spain wins Euro 2012 final beating Italy

Spain became the first country to win three big football titles in a row after winning the Euro 2012 final against Italy by 4-0 on Sunday. Spain completed hat-trick by winning this game, as it had earlier won the Euro 2008 and the World Cup 2012 titles, while Italy couldn’t end its 44-year drought. Earlier, Italy had won a Euro title in 1968.

Moscow’s expansion

Moscow, one of the most densely populated cities of Europe expanded its boundary 50km southwest, so as to get rid of the horrendous traffic jams and improve the living conditions. The Russian capital, also sought to increase foreign investors and financiers. This is an implementation of a plan proposed by the then President Dmitry Medvedev a year ago, for ‘Great Moscow’, which has placed the city 7th in the world in terms of biggest capitals by area. Earlier, it was ranked 34th, and its area has now increased from 1,070 to 2,550 Last such major expansion of the city happened 50 years ago, when its population was 6 million, and now the figure is 11.6 million.

Joan Dunlop – A women’s rights crusader is dead now

Joan Dunlop, a global leader in addressing women’s issues who made the U.N. to define a woman’s right to say no to sex as an essential human right, died on Friday. She was 78, and the possible cause was breast cancer.

Ms. Dunlop devoted her entire life to expanding women’s rights to control their own bodies. The right to say no to a request for sex was endorsed as a universal guideline by more than 180 nations at a conference in Beijing in 1995. She lobbied the delegates as president of the International Women’s Health Coalition, an advocacy group that supports 50 health projects in eight countries. She held the post from 1984 to 1998.

Along with 15 colleagues in Cairo in 1994, she wrote the “Women’s Declaration on Population Policies,” a set of guidelines that the U.N. ultimately adopted. It was first such international agreement on population policy that made women’s rights a central concern.

U.K. to deploy missiles in London

Amid speculations of a possible Al-Qaeda attack to blow up an American airliner in London before the olympics, Britain is planning to deploy surface-to-air missiles on six sites here.



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