Stolen Nigerian Cultural Artefacts (photo by

World Event Diary – 28 July 2012, Saturday

Artefacts returned to Nigeria

Cultural artifacts numbering 11, have been returned to the government of Nigeria by the United States. The artefacts include, 10 Nok (nahk) statues and a carved tusk which were seized from a Manhattan gallery owner. The Nok statues are about 2,000 to 2,500 years old which feature among the oldest sculptures in West Africa and were first discovered in 1943 at a tin mine near the village of Nok in central Nigeria.

The London Olympics 2012

The opening ceremony for two-week London Olympic Games was held in the city for the third time since 1908, the ceremony started at 0100 hrs IST. It had magnificent £27-million cultural tour de force of Britain conceived by Oscar winner Danny Boyle coupled with a musical track by A.R. Rahman.

The three-hour show was watched “live” by around one billion-strong global audience. The Olympic stadium with over 80,000 audience applauded as Prime Minister David Cameron declared that Britain was ready to welcome “the greatest show on earth.”

The famous Olympic flame travelled down the Thames on the last lap of its 13,000-kilometre nationwide journey before it arrived at the opening ceremony to mark the start of games.

US sanctioned Iranian strips banned from Indian waters

Briefly – US sanctioned Iranian ships have been banned by the Indian Government to enter its waters by withdrawing Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) approval from the oil importing companies.

Details – The Central Government has allowed the Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) and other companies to import crude oil from Iran after the European Union’s sanctions came into effect at the outset of July. Although, the ships were to be arranged by Tehran on a CIF basis, but the permission given to the companies was revoked within a few days.

India cut imports from the National Iranian Tanker Company, on which the United States has imposed sanctions. This was done to win a waiver from the US sanctions.

Implications – It will affect the supply of crude oil India, as Iran is one if the major oil exporters to the country.



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