Recent attacks on Indian soldiers

Attacks are now a continuous phenomenon, on the Indian soldiers by the terrorists belonging to Pakistan. They are leaving no stone unturned to affect India, and the peace talks and thus the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A recent LOC attack was encountered in which five Indian soldiers were killed by the Pak troops. This attack is a result of the gross violation of a 2003 ceasefire in Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

‘Gross violation’ of ceasefire – Indian soldiers killed by Pakistani troops in Kashmir

Indian Army has stated that five of its soldiers were killed in open fire near the ceasefire line by Pakistani troops in the disputed Himalayan area of Kashmir. The injured soldiers were shifted to Command Hospital Northern Command, they were treated at Military Hospital Poonch.

This is the second biggest attack in Poonch area in the same year after January 8 beheading incident which triggered skirmishes along the LoC and the India-Pakistan international border.

The incident could violate recent gambits for peace talks for nuclear armed rivals. According to the Military concerns, the attack was the gross violation of a 2003 ceasefire in Kashmir. However, the ceasefire has largely held for last decade but such kind of erratic violations were not scarce. Both rivals accuse each other of initiating the fighting through firing mortars or gunshots across the line of control.

Attack on Indian Soldiers in Kashmir
Attack on Indian Soldiers in Kashmir

India and Pakistan have fought several wars one of which included independence from British India in 1947 and the two wars recorded in favor of Kashmir, which in its entirety divided the two counties.  Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has been indicating to restart the peace talks.  Omar Abdullah who is the top elected official of India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, tweeted that

such kind of violent incidents don’t effort to stabilize the relation between two countries but give birth to other overtures

Such kind of attacks raise questions against the peace talks and results in two nations being rivals always. The relationship between the two countries has dramatically worsened and further aggrieved, since the most recent lower point of the 2008 Mumbai siege case.  In this case, 10 Pakistani gunmen are said to have killed 166 people in India and shut the city for several days.  India has claimed that the terrorists had ties with Pakistan Intelligence Officials but Islamabad continues denying the statement.

Although, some efforts for betterment of relations have been seen, but we are still way far from reaching any amicable solution. Indications of improving ties are comprised of visa rules which were announced last December to make cross border travel easier. Now, the time demands both the nations to think rationally rather than on religious grounds and petty issues. As, the entire world condemns such brutal attacks happening in the world’s famous Kashmir valley.



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