Now coming up – Windows 8.1, An upgrade to Microsoft Windows 8

Now, the multinational software giant Microsoft releases a major upgrade to the current Windows 8. Even though Microsoft releases new system updates every day, but this marks a major breakthrough. After the enticing Windows 8 OS, Microsoft revealed a new Windows 8.1 (formerly known as Windows Blue) which is a comprehensive update to Windows 8. A full specification of features has been released in the launch of Windows 8.1 at Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco.

Users will be able to download the free version of this Windows with the name of Windows 8 update and preview is now available for download.

Windows 8.1 Windows Blue
Windows 8.1 Windows Blue

Windows 8.1 Specifications and Features

Most of the rumors and leaks are found accurate as the Start button is back through which you can boot to the desktop and use the same image as your desktop. There are most of the key Microsoft apps such as Mail and Xbox Music, which have been updated and some more apps categorized under the food and fitness section will be added to this version. The ‘modern’ office version will also be seen in enhanced look and features in this version. The lock screen feature which turns into a photo gallery powered by Microsoft, will also be there.

Technology behind screensavers in Windows 8 media centre and Windows 8 media app is that it automatically picks related and timely images systematically and provides the amazing user experience.  Start screen get the giant tile sizes for selection of apps through which you can see more information at one glance. Even more, you can customize your background with wide range of colors and animated options. You can select multiple of apps simultaneously on app screen and pin them to start with the group subsequently, you can sort the apps screen according to your need.

Windows 8.1 Interface

Some changes will be reflected on Windows 8.1 because of the interface changes on large screen.  When you use the search charm option through Windows-S keyboard shortcut, lots of charms bar will appear by which you get some suggestions of apps to launch, but now Search pane option includes all those in it rather than in distracting full screen mode.  Enormously, Windows 8.1 introduces smart search which will include email messages. If you have document that match with your search result, it will display up first. Accordingly, you can swipe through the search view to see the full details and just have to pinch the screen for semantic zoom view that will show you the deep information about the search without using the different application for the same.

Windows 8.1 New Store

Windows 8.1 possesses tremendous features like you can drag the marker onto a color in the image and then move the slider around the circular control to saturate or fade out that color throughout the image. Even more, drag it to another color and select the other level, you can use all that functionality to make an image more vibrant and effective. Windows 8.1 store is also equipped with a faster responsive photo app. Some more wonderful apps like Health and Fitness, which is the great dashboard for Microsoft Health’s vault service will also be available now.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is not the entirely new operating system but it is more than a service pack because of its elegant built-in sky drive sync feature and more interactive interface that transforms Windows 8.1 into a more powerful operating system.



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