New government to be sworned in today : Greece

In his first statement to the press after being sworn in at the presidential palace on Wednesday afternoon, the 61-year-old winner of Sunday’s national polls said, “We will do everything we can to take the country out of the crisis.”

One of the first actions of the new government, according to local reports, will be to call the EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF) auditors back to Athens and request a two-year extension of the stability and growth program to ease the pressure on recession-hit Greeks.

The deal on the formation of a three-party coalition government ended two months of political uncertainty in Greece that had added to its severe economic woes.

Greece had to hold another election on June 17 as the first vote on May 06 turned out to be inconclusive.

Also, the Greek media commentators warned that the new government could soon face strong backlash from Greeks if they feel burdened with new pay cuts and tax hikes.



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