Most popular linux distributions in the market

Linux distribution is a complete operating system consisting of kernel (root of the operating system), utilities (which are quite necessary for functioning of the operating system) together with a range of application programs. Most of the distributions are accessible in English compatible with Intel x86 processors and free download available on the internet. Here is the list of widely popular and currently available distributions of Linux:


ALT Linux – This is a Debian-based general distribution developed in Moscow which is compatible with Intel processors. And this version is available in Belorussian, English, French, German, Hebrew, Russian and Ukrainian.

CERN Linux – CERN is basically designed for more efficient operations of clusters and this is a modified version of Red Hat Linux. It is developed by CERN at Geneva, the world’s largest particle physical laboratory and is known for the birthplace of web. Available in English language and compatible with Intel processors.

Debian – Highly preferable operating system by many advanced users due to its huge opt for prepackaged software, an advanced package management system and extensive pre-release testing to ensure the greatest possible reliability. This OS runs on Intel-compatible Power PC, Alpha, Sparc, m68k, ARM, MIPS and S/390 processors and supports English language.

Fedora Core – This is an innovative project of Red Hat to develop an absolute, general purpose OS exclusively from free software to substitute low-end, consumer versions of Red Hat Linux. Accessible for Intel-compatible processors support English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Slackware – This operating system is a robust, versatile and highly secure system preferred by various advanced users. Though, the interface is not user friendly, at least for new users. It runs on the Intel, Alpha and SPARC architectures and is available in English.

OpenSuse– It is well-known and counted as second most popular distribution as it possesses various features endowed with completeness and ease of use (including its installer and YaST configuration tools). In Suse development is done privately and no public betas are released for testing purposes even more, you can download older versions which are freely available, but no ISO images are provided respectively. OpenSuse is German based OS established by university students in 1992 and was acquired by Novell, Inc. of Provo, Utah in 2004. SuSE runs on Intel-compatible, PowerPC, Alpha, ARM, MIPS, m68k, NUMA, Sparc, VAX, Itanium and other frameworks and it supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish Languages.

RedHat– Red Hat was formerly the widely popular Linux distribution, but now The Fedora Project is placed at the position of Red Hat, which is Red Hat-sponsored open source Linux development project. This OS is still widely used and is available easily from various sources and available in different languages with variety of processors.

 Ubuntu– A novice well-funded Linux distribution based on Debian experiencing quick growth and become widely popular. For the security measure administrative account is disabled by default and it is made up with several innovative features. Ubuntu runs on Intel compatible, PowerPC and AMD64 processors and is available in English.

These are the various distribution of Linux which are available in market and you can easily get them from multiple sources.



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