Knowledge Diary – 9th September 2012, Sunday

  1. Air India‘s first Dreamliner Boeing 787 gets a water cannon salute on its arrival at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.
  2. Full Form of CBMs is Confident Building Measures.
  3. The historic 100th mission of ISRO took place with the launching of PSLV-C21. It will put two satellites in the orbit, SPOT-6 and PROITERES.
  4. SPOT-6, is a 720 Kg French remote sensing Satellite.
  5. PROITERES is a 15 kg Japanese observation satellite.
  6. Scientific name of Greater Flamingos is Pheonicopterus ruber.
  7. Scientific name of Lesser Flamingo is Phoenicopterus Minor.
  8. Full Form of ICE is Immigration and Custom Enforcement.
  9. The Fastest Nervous speed is 532 Kmph.
  10. The internal area of the lungs of human is 93sq.m.
  11. The weight of kidney is approximately 150 grams.
  12. The name ‘United Nation’ was adopted of the suggestion of the then US President F.D.Rooswelt.
  13. The UNO was formed on 24th October 1945.
  14. The first commonwealth Games were held in 1930 at Hamilton Canada.
  15. India for the first time participated in the second Commonwealth games held in London in 1934.
  16. First super computer of the world is CRAY K-1-S, developed by Cray K Company of USA.
  17. December 2 is observed as Computer Literacy Day.
  18. A computer error is known as BUG.
  19. Inter–State Council in India, was constituted in april, 1990 under Art. 263.
  20. Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar is the chairman of Finance commission.



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