Knowledge Diary – 15th July 2013, Monday

  • Telegram service lesions down:  A 160-year-old telegram service wound down on Sunday, one young man’s idea of sending a telegram to the PM urging an end to corruption caught the fancy of others in the serpentine queue at the Central Telegraph Office in Eastern Court.
  • Crises hit UPA Government hides in secular burqa: Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi on Sunday hit back at the Congress, saying the party is adept at donning the “veil of secularism” and “hiding in a bunker” whenever it is faced with a crisis.
  • India’s FGFA hits snag as Russia hikes cost: The biggest defense project, Fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) with Russia, has flown into some rough weather. As per the defense ministry sources, final design and R&D contract for the stealth fighter has been hit by a huge delay, with Russia also jacking up costs for the futuristic project.
  • NIMHANS professionals will train CBI officers: The CBI is set to join hands with National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) to train its officers in interrogating accused.
  • Victory of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Bhutan’s second democratic elections has increased the hopes of an early settlement to the situation arising out of India’s withdrawal of subsidy on its supply of LPG and kerosene.
  • Tamil Nadu’s notorious ‘fake courts’ are back in news:  Court’s which hold civil and criminal proceedings and exercise even ‘contempt of court’ jurisdiction, are back in reports with all their paraphernalia such as court halls, national emblem and ‘judges’ accompanied by mace-wielding duffedars calling out ‘Silence’.
  • Petrol prices up by Rs. 1.55/litre: To offset the impact of the rupees fall against the dollar, fuel retailers will raise petrol price by Rs 1.55 a litre, excluding  VAT .
  • Microsoft , leading software giant said it has awarded India’s Y-Nots the first prize in the Windows Azure Challenge at the 11th annual Microsoft Imagine Cup. Imagine Cup is a competition for student technologists to create innovative projects and bring those ideas to market.
  • Narayana Murthy returned to the company (Infosys):  CEO S D Shibulal said, “We are privileged to have Narayana Murthy back with his enormous industry expertise and knowledge of this organization.
  • Next week could be crisis time for Nokia: It will be the crunch time for Nokia and its chief executive Stephen Elop in their battle to prove the Finnish mobile phone company can survive on its own.



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