Knowledge Diary – 14th September 2012, Friday

1. On Thursday justice Altamas Kabir was appointed as the next Chief Justice of India.

Altamas kabir next chief justice of India
2. President of Panasonic India is Daizo Ito.
3. FICCI Health Excellence Award 2012 was given to Jaipur based Fortis Escort Hospital for excellence in the category of private hospitals with super speciality having more than 100 beds.
4. The 192 MW Allain Duhangan hydro-electric project in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh was inaugurated on Thursday by the CM of the HP.
5. K N Tilak Kumar was elected as the President of Indian Newspaper Society for 2012-13.
6. Abu Shagour have been elected as Libya’s Prime Minister.
7. Full Form of CPMPAT is The Competition Appellate Tribunal.
8. The watch brand Sonata from Titan Industries, announced the launch of first ever touch screen watch in India.
9.  Full Form of IWCCI is  Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
10. The IWCCI is the first women’s chamber from Pakistan that has signed a MoU with a foreign chamber.
11. First home computer was Comodor VIC/20.
12. C-DAC (Centre for Development and Advancement Computing) was established in Pune in 1988.
13. Blood is a fluid connective tissue.
14. Silver iodide is used in artificial rain.
15. Fuse wire is made up of Lead and Tin.
16. Calcium hydride is called hydrolith.
17. Full form of VIBGYOR is Violet, indigo, blue,grey, yellow,orange,and red.
18. Kharif crops are sown in July and harvested in October.
19. The study of Moon is Called “Selenology”.
20. Phobes and Demos are two satellites of Mars.



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