Importance of Lahore Session of INC

There is a lot of importance attached to the Lahore session of the Indian National Congress which was held on December 31, 1929 – January 1, 1930. Following are some of the main points:

1. It was the day when the tricolor was unfurled for the first time by naionalists.
2. A pledge was taken that January 26 will be celebrated as the “Independence Day” every year.
3. The people would unceasingly strive for the establishment of a Sovereign Democratic Republic of India.
4. It was held under the Presidentship of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.
(which showed the growing strengths of Leftists in the congress)
5. The signs of the imminent Civil Disobedience Movement were visible in this Congress session only.
6. A new interpretation of ‘Swaraj’ was accepted, which now meant ‘complete independence’.
7. The Congress decided not to participate in the Round Table Conference.
8. The Nehru Report was declared to be null and void in the Lahore Congress.



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