Novak-4th Australian Open

Event Diary – 30th January, 2012

World’s No.1 Novak Djokovic defeated Rafael Nadal in Australian Open

Novak became the fifth player in The Open Era to have won three successive major titles, and this was the longest Grand Slam Final ever, which was held in Melbourne on Sunday.

”Marching Ants” won the Cannon Wild Clicks on-the-spot wildlife photography contest

A picture by K.R.Deepak won the award for the best picture in a contest organized by the Nature Wanderers at Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh from January 26 to January 29, 2012. Around 36 photographers participated in the event and the winner was presented with photography quipment worth Rs. 1 lakh.

A painting by Hitler fetches 32,000 euros

A painting made by Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler in 1913, when he was struggling to become an artist. This painting named “Maritime Nocturno” , depicts a full moon over a glittering seascape, was set at 10,000 euros in a VIP auction, and was sold for 32,000 euros in the Slovak Internet auction.

India has only as fifth as many public servants as United States, relative to population

Data compiled from multiple sources, including a 2008 official survey, Right to Information application, media reports and the 2011 census show that India has only 1,622.8 government servants as compared to 7,681 in US. India has only 3.1 million people serving as government employees, out of which 44.81% are in Railways and 7.25% in Information technology and communications services.
No. of public servants per 100,000 population for various states:
1. Mizoram : 3,950.27
2. Nagaland: 3,920.62
3. Jammu and Kashmir: 3,585.96
4. Sikkim: 6,394.89
5. Bihar: 457.60
6. Madhya Pradesh: 826.47
7. Gujarat: 826.47
8. Uttar Pradesh: 801.67
9. Orissa: 1,191.97
10. Chhatisgarh: 1,174.62
11. Punjab: 1,263.34

This puts a question mark on the Union Government, whether there are adequate number of public servants to improve governance and ensure universal access to services like education and health??



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