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Building strong citizens of tommorow

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ideate “Equal value for all lives”. Many of their health efforts are integrated with those in ‘ Global Development Programme’, which focuses on reducing poverty and hunger. Their ‘ Global Health Strategies (GHS)’ aim to harness advances in science and technology to save and protect life in developing countries. They work with partners to deliver proven tools such as vaccines, drugs and diagnostics, and to invent new solution where they are nil or they don’t exist. The foundation believes that children are the future of a nation and that it is very important to nurture them with love, care, affection as we nurture a small plant. It strives to serve this purpose in a unique way.
The incidence of illness relating to areas of personal hygiene is more apparent in children as they are learning to take care of themselves and are exposed to many germs whilst in the school environment or in a playground. They spend so much time together in classroom to playground sharing different things ,ranging from pen, books, chair, table, food to germs. To make them aware of hygiene habits, the GHS had made initiative in India to teach and to inculcate hygienic habits in children. Government of Rajasthan had made an initiative by a pilot project, aimed at teaching school students clean habits and recording their general health status. The school from Ajmer, Adarsh Nagar has been selected as the pilot education institution by the Rajasthan Government to initiate a unique program of maintaining general health records of its students. This program is in partnership with GHS , which was recently inaugurated by Union Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Sachin Pilot. The project will initially focus on providing technical support in two districts of Rajasthan ( Ajmer and Jodhpur) and district Delhi.
Efforts are aimed at teaching children about ways to be healthy and inculcating good habits at young age. Clean child is healthier child and healthier children have higher level of cognitive functionality and are likely to attend school more regularly and for longer. Under this project, GHS will assist government in identifying and addressing gaps in the existing program, developing training materials and outlining the guideline for training teachers and health workers, and planning and conducting trainings at district and block levels for school health program.
The project activities will be arranged and initiated in three phases: assessment, intervention, and advocacy and communication. It will help them to be safe from infection, disorders , apart from childhood complains. Principle of good hygiene should be made part of their daily habits. We all should welcome the project and government of other states should also make such initiative for the better and healthier future of their children as these children will make the citizens of tomorrow.



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